Dear lighter-collector friends,

since a long time ago, I planned to open my lighter museum to everyone by bringing the content of the museum into the internet.
Today I start the website with some movies which were made by German tv-stations about my museum and exhibitions I had. And with pictures of all my Petrol Dunhill-lighters, about 1200 objects and 2500 pictures.

You can go through the "Dunhill Lighter Complete List" by number (it's in the order of the Dunhill book). To narrow down the list of items, search by keywords from the categories "Name", "Material/Workshop" and "Engraving".

You can also search by the following filter items:

The information "The Dunhill Petrol Lighter - A 'Unique' Story": page xyz means, the photo in the book is taken from a lighter of my collection.

In the near future, I plan to fill this website with lighters of other brands and other lighter techniques.

Have fun and please feel free to send me comments.

Volker Putz