Dear lighter-collector friends,

Today I bring the 8th release of my site. I added under the menu „Techniques“ the second part of my fire-steels, about 450 photos with Chuck Mucks, steels from the Nagas, smoking sets from France and fire-steels from South-America. 

I also bring the second part of my USA lighters, about 730 photos from many different brands.

Have fun with watching those photos and have a nice summer.


Before I go on summer vacation to France, I bring the 7th release of my site. I added under the menu ‚Techniques‘ the first part of my fire steels. It shows 2000 years of mankind development how to make a spark to light the fire. About 500 objects and more than 1200 photos, so take your time and enjoy. In the column „book“ I make a reference to the book „Fire Steels“ by Cacciandra and Cesati.
In October I will bring the second part of the fire steels. The photos are ready but I must write the description.

You will have more fun if you visit the site with your desktop pc or tablet instead with your mobile.

In January 2019 I started the website with some movies which were made by German tv-stations about my museum and exhibitions I had. And with pictures of all my Petrol Dunhill-lighters, about 1200 objects and 2500 pictures.

For my Dunhill Petrol Lighter the site has an extensive search function. If you go to "Dunhill Petrol Lighter Complete List" you find a filter set with the following categories: Name, Material/Workshop, Engraving. For example, if you put in 'Watch' in the field 'Name' and then click on 'Filter' (or press 'enter'), you get all lighters with a watch (ca. 150). If you put in Name 'Watch', Material 'Gold' you get only the gold lighters with a watch.
If you put in Material just 'Namiki' you get the 40 lighters with Namiki Laquer. If you type in Engravings 'Cartier' you get all lighters with Cartier engraving and so on.

The second addition to the site you find under the Museum section "Fire and Flame Exhibition". This exhibition a few years ago was in the 'Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus' in the city of Hanau. There you find a video in English where I explain the 30 show cases of the exhibition and you find pictures and detailed descriptions of all 450 lighters.

The information "The Dunhill Petrol Lighter - A 'Unique' Story": page xyz means, the photo in the book of Luciano Bottoni is taken from a lighter of my collection.

Have fun and stay healthy and probably you might have some corrections and comments.

Volker Putz

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the high quality catalogue of the exhibition (64 pages, 10,00 €), please contact me at: